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How to mix prints and patterns

Ever envied the way that influencers and celebrities mix prints and patterns and seem to look so cool and effortless? You are not alone. What’s worse is that trying to recreate the look can often leave you looking like you got dressed in the dark.

If print-on-print is something you’ve always wanted to try but don’t know where to start, fear not! Image consultant, makeup artist and stylist Ronel Le Roux is here to share her tips on mixing patterns like a pro. Take a look at her gorgeous outfit where she’s mixed a checked blazer, snake print skirt and leopard print shoes as an example.

How to mix prints and patterns

1. Choose your prints wisely

The simplest way to make a print-on-print outfit work is to choose patterns that make sense together. This could apply to the shapes, like mixing stripes with stripes, or the colours, like pairing a blue-based print with another blue-based print. In Ronel’s outfit, all three of her prints are similar in colour so they harmonise and work together.

2. Proportion is key

When mixing patterns, make sure that each of your prints varies slightly in size as mixed patterns of the same size can make an outfit appear too busy. An easy way to make sure you are doing this is to ensure that one print stands out from the rest in your ensemble. The snake print skirt in Ronel’s outfit stands out more than the small print check blazer, so they are not competing for attention.

3. Add a focal point

Break up a bold look with some solid elements to give your outfit some breathing space. This can also help create cohesion between the prints. In Ronel’s ensemble, she does this by adding a focal point with her red lip and her white shirt.


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