Image Innovators SA is the ONLY AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) accredited organisation in South Africa, supported by our head office, Image Innovators Australia.


All our products and training modules are internationally certified through the AICI. Both of our trainers have been internationally certified and approved, and Kyla Blackwood-Murray, our CEO has been certified as an International Image Consultant - AICI CIC.

We would love to host you at one of our upcoming training sessions. Take a look through our various options below.

12-Day Image Consultant Training

This course is our main attraction!


An AICI CEU approved and internationally accredited programme offered in various mediums to suit each individual's needs.


It consists of three in-depth modules which can be completed together or separately. Payment plans are offered to ensure this exceptional course is financially viable for everyone.


With over 21 years of training experience and trainers who all have successful full-time businesses, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands when you trust us with your training. 

Mastering the Basics of Image Consulting Online

Interested in training as an image consultant but unable to attend our 12-day course? Then our ONLINE version is the perfect fit for you!


“Mastering the Basics of Image Consulting” is a three-module, AICI CEU accredited online course, that will leave you equipped and ready to become a successful image consultant.


We make use of technology to provide you with the same – and in some cases, more in-depth – content as our face-to-face in-class courses, allowing you to complete your selected course at your own pace and time, in the comfort of your own home.


3-Day Fashion Styling Course

This immersive course combines the theory of fashion styling with practical, real-life exercises that will give you the confidence to pursue styling as a career option, freelance undertaking or extension of your image consulting training.


You’ll gain an understanding of the job of a fashion stylist as well as tips and guidelines for finding and producing styling work. We’ll explore the various areas that styling is used within the fashion industry and associated industries, like photography and film.

If you want to build a stronger foundation for becoming a stylist in South Africa and to work on inspiring, interactive projects that take you out into the public to explore and develop your eye, then this is the course for you.


Training with IISA was the best decision I could've made. They are completely invested in their consultants throughout training and continue to support and guide you afterwards.

Natasha Human

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