Image Innovators SA is a globally recognised company, and proudly the only image consultancy in South Africa internationally accredited by the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International). Our contemporary and cutting edge image products, services and training make us the choice company with which to be associated.

Our motto ‘Your Potential is Our Passion’ encapsulates the essence of what we are striving to achieve with our consultants; we want to help them discover their full potential and tap into their unique talents in order to create a thriving local business. We lead with passion, vigour, principle and nurture.

Our main focus is that of growing our consultants with knowledge, tools, practice, support and encouragement to become their very best. We create a fun-filled learning environment with extensive hands-on experience.

Our host company, Image Innovators International, boasts 25 years delivering award-winning training and services together with the founder and owner, Ann Reinten, AICI CIP, being awarded AICI’s highest achievement award: an IMMIE for Product Innovation and Excellence in 2010.

“We are committed to actively helping image consultants develop their skills, advance their knowledge and grow as a team, and encouraging them to thrive. Providing both ‘hands-on and hearts-on’ support is our essential vision. We love, care, educate, support and nurture.”


Kyla Blackwood-Murray, AICI CIC

The Image Innovators SA team members, respectively, have had the privilege of working with numerous South African celebrities, as well as corporate and political party clients. They have also celebrated many magazine publications, television appearances and hosted many workshops for large audiences all over the country.


 Image Innovators


Image Innovators Pty Ltd was founded in 1996 by Ron and Ann Reinten from Melbourne, Australia.

Initially known as The Australian Image Company, Image Innovators has grown to become a market leader for innovative and up-to-date image consultant resources and training.

Association of

Image Consultants International


AICI is the leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.


A non-profit organization, AICI is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants.



Kyla Blackwood-Murray


Kyla heads up the only AICI internationally accredited Image Consulting Training company in South Africa, Image Innovators SA, with passion, flair, focus and a magnetic sense of fun.

She is warm and engaging, with a refreshingly colourful personality. She inspires those around her with her passion and energy and delights in seeing others transformed as they gain knowledge and insight into the ‘science of beauty’.

Kyla boasts achieving her AICI CIC accreditation, adding to her wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise.

She finds it rewarding to channel her energy and love of beauty, fashion and people into enriching lives and helping people to recognise and embrace their own uniqueness.

Ronel Le Roux


Ronel’s down to earth wisdom, talent, integrity and rich personality have made her a sought after image consultant, make-up artist and stylist.

She inspires her clients to appreciate and recognize their own particular brand of beauty and style. She has the gift of igniting fresh passion into every one of her clients.

Her many accomplishments include her recent debut on the front cover of Bloemfontein’s Get It Magazine, published articles, appearances on television and winning awards within the industry. She also serves as the VP Membership on the AICI Australia Chapter Board.

Ronel’s inner beauty and strength are evident in every task she undertakes. Her presence instils confidence and calm in the face of a frenetic industry.


Danica van der Veen


Danica is a freelance writer, social media strategist and commercial stylist with nearly ten years of experience across various sectors of the fashion industry.


She has always loved clothing, shopping and trends, and has a keen interest in the psychology of fashion.

Before diving into the freelance world, Danica enjoyed a career as the digital editor for one of the country’s best-selling women’s fashion magazines.


During her time in the publishing industry, she conceptualized and produced digital campaigns and content for some of the world’s top fashion and beauty brands.