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Dress to Express: 9 Celebs Who Own Their Style

At Image Innovators this month, we're celebrating what makes us unique. We're passionate about holding a light to the unique beauty and strengths of each of our consultants and clients. With this in mind, we looked to some of our favourite celebrities for fashion inspiration. Take a look at their distinctive style and be inspired - not to be more like them, but to be more like you.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna is not afraid to take risks. The Fenty founder celebrates her alluring sense of style by being bold, powerful and unapologetically herself, with a unique mix of street, sexy and chic. Her use of print, fabric, textures, faux fur, accessories and makeup keep her true to her creative style personality.

Style tip: We all have that one piece we're afraid to to wear because we worry about what everyone will think. Take your cue from Rihanna and do it! Use your prints and textures and have fun. Life is all about living in the moment. As long as your prints and textures have some harmony, you have a winning formula.

2. Harry Styles

Put your hands together for the rock and roll style maven, Harry Styles. Harry embraces every aspect of himself and celebrates his masculinity with elements of a romantic touch. His style is unique, eclectic and oh-so non conformist. His ability to put together completely unrelated garments, colours, patterns and accessories and create harmony takes a true creative genius.

Style tip: Don’t be afraid to explore your identity through fashion. It is completely and utterly liberating.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

Glitter, colour and accessories are some of the ways SJP expresses her quirky style personality. She is a master when it comes spicing up an everyday look to make it memorable and glamorous. She crafts her signature style by mixing prints and patterns to create exciting and interesting outfits.

Style tip: Dress up a monochromatic look by using accessories wisely.

4. Victoria Beckham

She's "Posh" through and through. Dramatic, powerful and the epitome of elegance, Victoria always carries herself with an air of dignity and pride. Her sense of style is minimal chic. She wears bold colours with minimal print and detail. She knows what works for her body shape and she never fails to impress with her choice of colour combinations. Her dramatic style personality always puts her in the limelight and makes her appearances memorable.

Style tip: Always make sure you are using the right level of contrast for you when putting together an outfit.

5. Zendaya

Zendaya Coleman describes her style as “chameleon chic”. She likes to try new things and push the envelope. She adds sophisticated flair to all her outfits with bold accessories, belts and shoes. Adding a pop of colour, a pair of heels and a sophisticated jacket to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is a perfect example of how to transition Zendaya-style from day-time to night, creating versatility and harmony.

Style tip: The perfect day time to night time transitioning outfit is all about how you accessorise and build on your core outfit.

6. George Clooney

George Clooney doesn't need to do much to turn heads. Whether he is wearing a bespoke tailored suit or a pair of jeans, he is always classy, stately and immaculately groomed, Clooney's outfits usually feature medium to low contrast colours, adding an element of sophistication and grandeur. His elegant style speaks of refinement and maturity and hints to a successful and financially secure gentleman.

Style tip: To recreate this sophisticated style, always opt for a monochromatic look and build on it with elements of colour and texture.

7. Bonang

If you want to look like you've just stepped off a fashion magazine cover, you have to make bold fashion choices. 'Ordinary will not do,’ says Bonang Matheba. Her secret is to create dramatic outfits with the perfect pair of heels and a dazzling belt. She looks absolutely sensational in her favourite colour, yellow.

Style tip: The most exciting thing about yellow is that everybody has a shade of yellow that looks amazing on them and makes them glow. Do you know what yours is? Discovering your perfect colour palette not only makes you look more youthful and radiant, it gives you the confidence to walk tall and proud.

8. Rebel Wilson

Buxom, curvy and voluptuous, Rebel Wilson shows us how to celebrate our curves and edges. She makes bold colour and style choices and puts them all together perfectly for her body shape. As someone with a fuller figure, she chooses smaller prints and wears low-contrast colour combinations. She uses boat necklines and shawl necklines to create that gorgeous, balanced hourglass figure.

Style tip: Create balance by keeping your garments' focal points either at the shoulders or ankles. Look to Rebel's necklines for inspiration.

9. Masego "Maps" Maponyane

Voted GQ Best Dressed Man in 2011 and Cosmopolitan's Sexiest Man in 2013, Masego Maponyane prides himself on wearing comfortable clothing that resonates his sense of style and personality. His minimalist choices and his focus on timeless pieces creates versatility in his outfit choices and help not to overcomplicate or over style his look. It is rare to see Maps without a hat, glasses or a beard. Headgear and eyewear are the perfect way to style an oblong or rectangular face shape that is much longer than it is wide. His choice of gently rounded frames softens his angular facial features.

Style tip: Maps' number one fashion tip for men is: 'Wear it with a smile. Confidence has the ability to almost pull any look off." We agree. Whatever you wear, wear it with your shoulders back and your head held high.

Feeling inspired to discover your unique style? Get in touch to find out more about our virtual style, colour and wardrobe consultations and empower yourself in your quest to be authentically, stylishly you.


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