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What’s your style personality?

Have you ever put on a little red dress and felt radiant, glamourous and extraordinary in an instant? Or how about a statement suit that made you feel like you could go out and conquer the world? Treasure those moments, because they’re a great indication of your true personal style.

Woman in yellow skirt

What is a style personality?

Personal style it’s what makes each of us unique, exclusive and fabulous. If you think of the most stylish person you know, you’ll probably find it pretty easy to describe his or her style. That’s because they likely have a well-defined style personality, which they stick to consistently regardless of the newest trends. They’ve found a signature look that perfectly suits their personality, lifestyle and appearance, and will always look and feel confident and comfortable as a result.

Understanding your style personality is so much more than just knowing what clothes you like; it’s an outward reflection of your core identity and a way to project an accurate sense of who you are. It’s not about putting restrictions on what you can and can’t wear, but rather about helping you become the best and most real version of yourself and getting the most out of your wardrobe investments.

Women in white frill shirt

What is your style expression?

Do you have a favourite celebrity whose style and authenticity you feel a connection to? If so, it might be because you share their style personality. Are they a sensual siren? Sporty vixen? Casual eclectic? There are a whopping 50 style expression category variations which either stand-alone to create a dominant style personality or blend with others to create a secondary style direction and your individual look.

Woman in pink outfit and grey over-the-knee boots

Dominant style personalities

Which dominant style personality do you think you best resonate with?

Creative – Eclectic, unconventional, artistic and innovative.

Dramatic – Striking, confident, exciting and powerful.

Elegant – Sophisticated, stately, influential and grand.

Natural – Informal, relaxed, athletic and unpretentious.

Sexy – Seductive, daring, provocative and glamourous.

Classic – Tailored, businesslike, credible and conservative.

Women in striped knit with handbag

Take our style personality quiz

Ready to know your style type? We’ve put together a style personality quiz that will help you discover your unique style and how to shop for your look. When a garment suits your shape, colouring, lifestyle and your unique style personality, you can guarantee it’s a winning item that’s sure to be worn and loved for years.

It’s fast, it’s fun, and best of all, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Recognise the positives and pitfalls of your style

  2. Discover the psychological impression of your appearance

  3. Learn what celebrities and designers share your style

Click here to get started with the style quiz!


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