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How to book more clients as an image consultant

After you start an image consulting business, how do you begin building your clientele? The booked, busy and beautiful Tania De Clerk of Simplify Image Consulting is here to share her pro tips on how to book more clients and grow your customer base.

How to book more clients after you start an image consulting business - Image Consultant Tania De Clerk

As an image consultant, I love the individual time I get to spend with clients in my studio. Booking clients might feel overwhelming at the beginning of your career, but here are a couple of things that helped me get started.

It starts with you

  1. Be confident in your offering. Know that you have something to share that is valuable and will make a difference in your clients’ lives.

  2. Whenever you step out of the house, be sure to make an effort to look your best. You are a representation of your brand and services, and potential clients won’t trust an image consultant who doesn’t look the part.

  3. In my business, I trust God as if everything depends on Him while working as if everything depends on me.

Get your name and face out there

  1. Invest in your business branding and make sure that potential clients can reach you in a variety of ways. A well-thought-out website is key, as are active business accounts on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and Facebook.

  2. Offer consultation vouchers as prizes at a local school fundraiser or a church or club lucky draw. There is no better advertising than word of mouth. I often find that clients who win a prize will book another service after their consultation.

  3. Seek out women’s functions or conferences in your area and offer to give a talk. I always make sure there’s an opportunity for attendees interested in my services to write down their contact details. From time to time, I will send them special promotions or updates on new services.

Nail the initial consultation

  1. Always try to add value to the consultation. Women often feel guilty about spending money and time on themselves, so make their visit worthwhile and an experience to remember with fresh flowers, treats and a beautiful workspace. They might want to spoil someone close to them with the same special experience in the future.

  2. When I have a consultation with a client, I always tell them about my additional services and explain the benefit of a holistic approach. I find that once clients receive compliments after we’ve made adjustments to their appearance or wardrobe, they gain confidence and are eager to learn more.

Maintain the client relationships you do have

  1. I offer my regular clients “client service bundles”. This allows them to purchase a certain number of hours at a reduced hourly rate which can be used throughout the year for wardrobe reviews, shopping and refresh sessions.

  2. When I am out shopping and see an item that I know is on the “need-to-find” list of a wardrobe consultation client, I will take a picture, send it to them and remind them that I can assist in helping them fill in the gaps.

  3. Our clients’ needs change over time, and when you have a relationship with them they know that you’ll be able to help them when new life seasons arise. For example, when they need to return to work after a few years at home with the kids, or the transition from working in an office to retirement.

Remember to see the beauty in every client in front of you and remind her of who she was created to be!

To keep up with Tania, visit her website or follow Simplify Image Consulting on Instagram or Facebook.

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