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Help! I hate wearing a dress..

written by Carla Pattinson

Ever wondered why there are certain clothing styles that you do not like and avoid wearing at any cost? A fashion trend that surfaces for a season for example Midi dresses, pleather pants or oversized jerseys and no matter how hard you try, or how many videos on styling you watch, you just cannot get yourself to fall in love with it.

But everyone around you is wearing it proudly? What is wrong with you?

Absolutely nothing!

We understand that one’s style is shaped by several key elements such as your work requirements and lifestyle, personality, budget, the climate and where you live, your environment. But even with those elements in mind, there are certain fashion trends that you will embrace and others that you will avoid. If asked what the reason is, you will seldom have an explanation. You just know that you dislike dresses, for example.

A mother once, during a style consultation, concluded her appointment in tears. She had a natural flair for dressing well and adapting new fashion trends to suit her style. Her two little girls were her world and as any mother would, she tried to impart a sense of fashion and dressing well to them from a young age. But that is where the challenge started. The youngest was in love with everything dress-like and feminine. She loved doing her hair, wearing gorgeous hair clips, bows and ribbons and fashionable shoes with all her dresses. The dresses her mother carefully chose for her had always looked radiant on her. The elder sister proved more of a challenge to please on the clothing front, opting to stay at home rather than try garments that had been chosen for her.  All the feminine clothing items ended up in the bottom of her cupboard. It was a war of the wills between mother and little one. Her yoga pants and a funky tank top with sneakers were her happy place. The mother was baffled by this struggle. The opposite was also true when the sister who loved feminine attire was forced into natural, relaxed clothing. The girls were too young to have been influenced by any social media or peer group pressures. They were still at the cartoon watching but they knew what they liked to wear, and they were sure about what they disliked!

How is that possible?

Well, there must be more to our style preference than just our mood of the day. Maybe we were created with a certain style in mind, placed deep in our DNA strain to help us to be the best version we can be. How else can we explain the fashion will of a child?

When a client books a consultation session to try and figure out what their style is, and what to dress in that helps them look and feel their best, our starting point is always to determine the style personality of the client first. This simple test has never failed me and every time it gives direction for the first step towards wardrobe joy on a client’s journey to discovery. When a client receives the result of the test, their response is almost always –‘that is how I dressed when I felt my best,… was the happiest in my life, …when I was young or when I styled myself and it worked.’

Why will that be the response? Maybe it is because we are honest about who we are in our style personalities. Or maybe we are authentic in recognising what makes us happy. And just maybe it is because that is who we were always created to be.

Knowing your style personality will help you find your way in the beautiful, chaotic world of colour, style, and trends. It will help you to follow the dreams you have for yourself instead of walking in the not-so-comfortable shoes of a fashionista, influencer, or celebrity.

So, my honest advice to that mother was to embrace her daughters’ style. Do not force them into your mould. Show her the best way to wear the style she loves and help her to love herself while being authentic in who she is in her DNA.

If you feel lost in your wardrobe, do not know what to wear, or do not feel happy and comfortable in your outfits, go back to the original design board. Find out who you were made to be and then create your look and style from there. Your style is embedded in your DNA, find it and celebrate that.


How can an image consultant help you find your style

A style personality test can be the place to start when you feel you do not know the best way to dress or are bored or unhappy with your current wardrobe. An image consultant will clearly explain the result of the test to you and help you create a wardrobe that is true to yourself.       

We currently identify the following style personalities. Do you know who you are?:








Your style personality might just explain why you hate to wear that dress. Don’t you think it is time to find out? Visit: and take our complimentary style personal quiz today. Or for more information about receiving an in-person style consultation email us at






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