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Becoming an Internationally Certified Image Consultant

Let us unlock the World of Image Consultancy!

If you've ever contemplated embarking on a journey to become an internationally certified

image consultant, you're in the right place. Kyla Blackwood-Murray, owner of Image Innovators SA, is here to guide you through this fascinating realm of personal transformation and empowerment.

What Inspired Kyla's Path into Image Consulting?

Passion for people, fashion, and style ignited the flame that led Kyla Blackwood-Murray into image consulting. Her 20-year tenure as a corporate flight attendant exposed her to diverse fashions and trends, nurturing her desire to explore the world of personal image further. In 2011, she officially qualified as an image consultant and has since dedicated herself to refining her craft and honing her skills. Kyla understands that knowledge is power, education is essential, and unwavering passion is the driving force behind this dynamic industry.

Leading Image Innovators SA

Image Innovators SA proudly stands as South Africa's first AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) accredited training organization, with the steadfast support of our international counterpart, Image Innovators Australia. All our products, training modules, and tools are internationally certified through the AICI. Kyla Blackwood-Murray, the CEO of the company, achieved her certification as an International Image Consultant (AICI CIC) to guide prospective students.

What is the difference between Image Consulting, Wardrobe Consulting and Personal Styling?

Understanding the subtle nuances of image consulting is crucial. Here's how it differs from wardrobe consulting and personal styling:

  • Wardrobe Consultant: Focuses on curating a wardrobe tailored to the client's needs, body type, and personal style.

  • Personal Stylist: Assists clients in developing their unique style, incorporating elements like body shape, colour analysis, style personality, and lifestyle to create a personalized "brand."

  • Image Consultant: Elevates clients by refining their appearance, behaviour, etiquette, and communication, crafting a credible and authentic identity. Image consultants offer a holistic range of services, from styling and colour assessments to wardrobe detoxing and personal shopping, addressing the needs of personal, business, and corporate clients.

Which Individuals are best suited to Image Consulting Training?

  • enjoy helping others to look and feel their best

  • have a positive self-image

  • are self-motivated

  • have good interpersonal skills

  • love working with people on all levels

  • relish the challenge of owning and growing their own business including investing their time, effort and capital

  • will not be afraid to promote themselves and their business

  • want to learn diverse new skills to grow themselves

  • are willing to improve their image if necessary

  • may have been working in the industry and wish to formalize their knowledge

How does one establish Credibility and attract Clients as a Newly Qualified Consultant?

Credibility is earned through experience. Image Innovators SA ensures hands-on training by allowing students to consult with real clients, practical sessions to hone their skills and post-course assignments that must be completed before receiving their qualification certification. Confidence, tenacity, passion, and an unwavering commitment to learning are the keys to building a strong professional foundation.

To attract clients, persistence is key. Practice your skills diligently, build a support network that promotes your services, seek guidance from a business coach, and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Guest speaking at events, showcasing your services at expos, and offering solutions to your target market's challenges are powerful strategies. In a world overflowing with free advice, it's essential to understand your clients' needs. Focus on problem-solving. Identify your target market's challenges and devise strategies to address them. Clients are seeking solutions, and your ability to provide them can be a game-changer.

Are you ready to Embark on a Career in Image Consulting?

For those considering a career in image consulting, Kyla's advice is clear: follow your love for beauty and fashion and your desire to enrich people's lives. Choose a reputable training school, research the products and tools you'll receive, prepare financially for your business launch, and keep your dream alive. Surround yourself with a positive support system, and never lose sight of your aspirations.

Image Innovators SA is preparing for their Internationally Certified 12-day in-person image Consultancy training, this November from 6th-18th. Kyla herself facilitates the training. Sign up today – seats are limited.


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